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    • [+]Preliminaries (3)
    • [+]Introduction (4)
    • [+]Latin America (13)
    • [+]Sub-Saharan Africa (9)
    • [—]Arab World (11)
    • [+]Russia (11)
    • [+]India (11)
    • [+]China (9)
    • [+]Conclusions (6)
    • [+]Appendix (1)

Arab World

Possible trends

Currently, it is possible to identify various forces that are likely to have a considerable effect on future publishing in the Arab world:

  1. The recent political events that took place in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and other locations have already brought about modifications in the power structure of those countries, something that in turn will lead to changes in the way control and censorship is exercised.
  2. The younger generations, eager for content that goes beyond the reality their parents were accustomed to, may become more and more involved in blogs and other digital social networks.
  3. Analogue publishing will increasingly show its intrinsic weaknesses and its limitations when it comes to satisfying new demands.
  4. Publishers will have good opportunities to venture into the electronic age, although this will require a great deal of experimentation with different tools, formats and mediums.
  5. Print on demand and mobile phones may play a fundamental role, at least in the short to medium term.

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