• Table of contents

    • [+]Preliminaries (3)
    • [+]Introduction (4)
    • [+]Latin America (13)
    • [+]Sub-Saharan Africa (9)
    • [+]Arab World (11)
    • [—]Russia (11)
    • [+]India (11)
    • [+]China (9)
    • [+]Conclusions (6)
    • [+]Appendix (1)



As can be inferred from the data for the sector, since 2008 the Russian publishing industry has entered a delicate phase due to an economic downturn. However, electronic publishing projects do not appear to have suffered the same impact and although very little news about the Russian digital industry reaches Europe and the US, some extremely dynamic actors have emerged in recent years. A country of gigantic proportions, with serious analogue distribution problems, Russia now has numerous online platforms and a solid hardware industry that already manufactures numerous local e-readers. Those two pillars, along with a State that sometimes shows a great capacity for action, could make Russian digital publishing a leading player.

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